The Transformation Formula

The Transformation Formula

I recently heard a podcast with Nancy Levin, a master coach and author. She shared her transformation formula. Change = vision + choice + action. I liked the clarity and simplicity of this equation.

Let’s break it down. 

Vision is what you hope will be on the other side of the change you are contemplating. It’s what your life will look and feel like. For example, envisioning yourself as a fit athlete who eats nourishing food, exercises regularly and takes exceptional care of their body. 

Choice is making a decision to do something to move yourself towards the vision. For example, committing to running 3x per week if your vision is to be a fit athlete.  

Action is doing the thing (e.g., running). 

This approach applies in so many domains of life, including building a family. 

How might you apply this to family-building endeavors? 

First, connect with your vision for your future family. What does your life look like in that future state? What do you see (e.g., baby bottles in the sink, kids toys on the floor)? What do you hear (e.g., cooing, crying)? What do you smell (e.g., baby powder)? What do you taste (e.g., baby food, formula)? What do you touch (e.g., the soft hair on your baby’s head, cozy baby blanket)? Really get into it with as much detail as you can muster. Connect with the emotions that you imagine will be present when you are seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching these things. 

Next, make a choice about what actions will move you towards this future state. Many of you have already taken action by purchasing and reading all or portions of 9 Months Is Not Enough. What other choices will move you towards your vision? Is it implementing some of the checklist items (e.g., scheduling a preconception visit, getting lab testing done, cleaning up your environment)? Is it talking with your partner about your baby-making plans? 

Last, take action! Schedule the preconception visit. Purchase the testing panel. Start evaluating your personal care products and home care products. Have the talk with your partner. 

Your future is predicated on what choices and actions you make today. You can either let them unfold on autopilot or direct the path. It’s up to you to decide.

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