If you're planning to conceive in 2024, now's the time to prepare

If you're looking for guidance on how to prepare your body for pregnancy, you're in the right place. Let Alexandria and her team of experts support you through a month-long cleanse program to jumpstart your pre-pregnancy preparation process.

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Join us February 20th - March 19th

  • You are planning to conceive this year

  • Or if you:

    • Experience PMS (see list on page 196 of 9 Months Is Not Enough)
    • Have less than 1 bowel movement per day
    • Have been on hormonal birth control
    • Are on prescription medications
    • Have taken antibiotics in adulthood
    • Experience skin issues (e.g., acne, eczema) or unexplained sluggishness/fatigue
    • Eat conventional meat & dairy, non-organic produce or processed foods
    • Live near a highway, industrial area, commercial farm or golf course
    • Engage in a profession or hobby that utilizes chemicals (e.g., hair stylist, artist, landscaping, construction)
    • Know that you have a genetic SNP that impairs detoxification
  • Group Cleanse Protocol

    We have a custom designed protocol specifically calibrated for the pre-pregnancy period. It utilizes real food, doable lifestyle practices and optional supplements to support the body's natural detoxification processes.

  • Comprehensive Program Guide

    Easy-to-follow PDF guide with detox-supportive recipes and lifestyle practices that you can continue to reference even after the cleanse has ended.

  • Weekly Zoom Calls

    Join Alexandria live on Zoom (or watch the recording) as she reviews key concepts and troubleshoots questions that arise along the way.

  • Expert Guidance

    Access to an expert team of pre-pregnancy educators and nutritionists to guide you through the program and offer support as you navigate the ins and outs of detoxifying your life.

+ Optional Supplement Support Add-on

Do you want to get the most out of this cleanse experience?

Then we have just the thing for you! After you've registered for the group program, you'll have the option to purchase a curated set of detoxification support supplements at a discounted price through our convenient online supplement dispensary.

These supplements aid your organs in liberating toxins while infusing your cells with supportive nutrients. They are an incredible enhancement to the diet and lifestyle practices we will be introducing during the month-long cleanse.

🎉 Bonuses

We've done the leg work so you don't have to!

  • Digital Worksheets

    Convenient worksheets to demystify the process of cleaning up your environment and diet

  • Fertility-Friendly Products

    Expanded resource list of hundreds of our favorite fertility-friendly products

  • Mouth-Watering Recipes

    Detox-friendly recipes to make healthier choices easy and delicious

  • Alexandria DeVito, MS, CNS, IFMCP

    Alexandria is a functional nutritionist who specializes in fertility and preconception health. She is the founder and CEO of Poplin, a pioneer in pre-pregnancy screening.

    Prior to founding Poplin, Alexandria worked in management consulting at McKinsey & Company. She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. She also has a master’s degree in nutrition; extensive training as a doula, yoga teacher, and personal trainer; and is an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner, all of which inform her approach to pre-pregnancy wellness.

    Alexandria is also the author of the best-selling book 9 Months Is Not Enough: The Ultimate Pre-pregnancy Checklist to Create a Baby-Ready Body and Build Generational Health.

  • Gretchen DePalma, MS, CNS

    Gretchen is a functional nutritionist who specializes in fertility & preconception health and food as medicine. She leads clinical education and operations for Poplin.

    Prior to joining Poplin, Gretchen worked as a clinical nutritionist and nutrition team manager at well-known functional medicine practice. Before making the switch to nutrition, she worked in investment banking at Wells Fargo Securities. She holds a BS in finance from Wake Forest University and a master’s degree in clinical nutrition. She is also trained as a health coach and yoga teacher.


How is a detox different from a juice cleanse?

Our detox protocol is a gentle but effective program that utilizes real, whole foods and professional-grade supplements to support the body's natural detoxification processes.

This protocol is not meant to be restrictive. We emphasize nutrient-dense foods to help your body return to optimal health. However, we will discuss foods and products that can be minimized to lower inflammation and reduce hormonal implications.

Doesn't my body naturally detox?

Yes, our bodies do naturally detox. However, given our modern environment, we are exposed to more chemicals than our bodies can process. As a result, most of us need to take extra steps to up-regulate the function of our detox organs to adequately handle the increased toxin load we are exposed to on a daily basis.

How should I eat during the cleanse?

We will be following the fertility-friendly diet detailed in 9 Months Is Not Enough.

We will guide you through every step of the program. Prior to the start of the program, we will give you a PDF guide to act as your companion throughout the process along with live Zoom calls to answer targeted questions that arise as we traverse this journey together.

Are the supplements included in the price of the group cleanse?

No. If you choose to do the optional supplement add-on, you will need to purchase supplements separately through our Fullscript online dispensary (~$100-200 additional, depending on which supplements you choose). Once you complete your purchase of the group program, you'll receive an email with more information about which supplements we suggest and how to order them.

Can I try to conceive during the cleanse?

We do not recommend this cleanse for women that are actively trying to conceive.

In general, detoxification supporting cleanses should be completed in advance of pregnancy so as to not liberate any toxins in the body that could harm a developing baby.

Can I participate in the cleanse while pregnant?

This cleanse is not designed for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. In general, detoxification supporting cleanses should be completed in advance of pregnancy so as to not liberate any toxins in the body that could harm a developing baby.

When are the live Zoom calls?

The live Zoom calls will take place on the following days at 12 pm PT/ 3 pm ET. If you're not able to join live, we will send a recording after the session.

  • Tuesday, February 20th
  • Tuesday, February 27th
  • Tuesday, March 5th
  • Tuesday, March 12th
  • Tuesday, March 19th

Free call with a pre-pregnancy educator

Schedule a complementary 15-minute call to help you decide if the program is a good fit for you.