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"Infertility is a symptom not a diagnosis" - Alexandria DeVito

This week I had the honor to sit down with founder, author & functional nutritionist Alexandria DeVito. Alexandria is the CEO and founder of Poplin- the first pre-pregnancy wellness company. She is also the author of the book "9 Months Is Not Enough: The Ultimate Pre-pregnancy Checklist to Create a Baby-Ready Body and Build Generational Health.

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Getting Your Body Baby Ready with Alexandria DeVito

Episode highlights:

  • Why pre-conception is important to focus on
  • When to start focusing on our fertility
  • Why people are struggling with fertility
  • Where do we even start
  • Testing
  • Why fertility is important even if you're not trying to get pregnant
  • Things like: alcohol, coffee, sleep, stress & food colouring in fertility
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Beyond Conception: The Power of Preconception Care with Alexandria DeVito

In today's episode of Health University, we had the privilege of diving deep into the world of fertility, preconception, and the transformative power of functional medicine with Alexandria DeVito, author of "Nine Months Is Not Enough." Alexandria brings a wealth of experience from her journey through the healthcare industry, from corporate consulting to clinical practice, and ultimately, to her pioneering work in preconception care and nutrition.

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Unlocking Fertility: A New Dawn in Pre-Pregnancy Wellness with Alexandria DeVito

In this episode, our host is joined by Alexandria DeVito, a trailblazer in pre-pregnancy wellness and the mind behind Poplin, the pioneering pre-pregnancy wellness company. With a rich background spanning from corporate healthcare consulting to the realms of functional nutrition, DeVito brings a wealth of knowledge and a holistic perspective to the table, offering insights that challenge conventional narratives around fertility and health.

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Optimizing Preconception Wellness with Poplin

In this episode, we talk to Alexandria DeVito, founder of Poplin. Poplin is the first preconception wellness testing company, designed to help couples understand their health and how it may impact their fertility long before they are interested in actively trying to have a baby.

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