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Chapter 6

At-home semen analysis

Chapter 7

Genetic carrier screening

Chapter 8

Common medications known to interfere with pregnancy

Air filters

Water filters

Aquasana (whole house, under sink, countertop, shower)
AquaTru (countertop, under sink)
Clearly Filtered (pitchers, water bottles, under sink, fridge)

Non-toxic personal care & cleaning products

EWG's Skin Deep Database (guide to safer personal care products)
EWG's Guide to Healthy Cleaning

A few of our favorite cleaning bundles to get your started

Chapter 10

Body image & eating psychology

Body composition

DEXA Scan for Body Composition (compares bone density, adipose tissue & lean mass)
InBody Advanced Body Composition (BIA technology, consumer products or find professional line at some gyms or healthcare offices)
Skinfold Method for measure body fat using calipers

Chapter 12

Nutrient trackers

Continuous glucose monitors

Favorite preconception supplement brands

Chapter 15

Meditation program